Wednesday Newsletter April 14th 2021



APRIL 14TH  2021                                                                                         

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Welcome back to school everyone. It is great to be back for the final term leading into summer when the days will be sunny and bright and hot!! Hopefully! ????

This final term will be very busy with Parent/Teacher ‘meetings’ to be organised by each class teacher (who will be in contact with you over the next few weeks) as well as completion of text books and curricular work and schemes for the 2020/2021 year.

The school reports will be sent out during June and the standardised tests will take place during May. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE TESTS, they will just be a snapshot to help guide the school going forward into 2021/2022 and will not be a reflection of academic achievement especially given this past year or more.

Just a reminder to everyone, not to bring any food into school containing NUTS as there are several children and adults with nut allergies.

The car park at the Church is proving to be an ongoing concern. Please be very careful driving in it because there are very small children accessing it also. If possible, please use the over-flow car park opposite the Church rather than the Church car park and better still leave the car at home or at a distance away from the school and WALK or CYCLE to school. The children have no heavy school-bags to carry and the weather is much better these days, so it would be very appropriate and healthy to walk or cycle to school, even part of the way.

The Green Schools’ Committee has sent out a survey to the children regarding travelling to school. Here is the message:

‘Let’s get moving! ……at Kilmacanogue National School, we are trying to see how well we are doing at walking and cycling to school right now. Once we have found out how well we are doing……..we are going to try to do even better!!

Remember: The fewer cars that come to school, means cleaner air and cleaner planet!!’

Thanks to our Green Schools’ Committee and Ms Denvir for organising all of this.

Another important issue which effects every school and child throughout the length and breadth of the country is Cyber-Bullying. Kilmacanogue National School takes any form of bullying very seriously and operates zero tolerance for such behaviour. Today all the teachers, from 2nd Class up to 6th Class, spoke to the children in their individual class about the Code of Behaviour and discussed the correct way for children to behave online and offline!

In Kilmacanogue National School, we want to protect the health and safety and mental well-being of every single child in the school. We need the help of all the parents and guardians, and of course the children, in order for us to achieve this ideal.

Our school motto is:


This also applies to cyber-bullying of any form. No child should feel upset or afraid because of the way he/she is being treated on-line. Check in on your child’s devices and make sure that they are not using them inappropriately and that the sites they are visiting are age appropriate and that those with whom they are engaging are appropriate as well.

You may be surprised, when you speak to your child, to discover that they have been upset by issues relating to the internet, so please chat to them and set their minds at ease and support them.

Please read the Code of Behaviour and Anti-Bullying and Acceptable Use Policies available on

Over the next few weeks, we will have lots of fun activities in the school from GAA skills to all kinds of Sports and games both inside and outside. Obviously, we will be following all HSE and guidelines

We are so mindful of keeping the children happy and engaged coming back to school and of making sure that the school environment is the safest possible place that it can be for them.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to social distance and wear face masks and avoid play dates and hand sanitise and follow all HSE guidelines…….these factors have definitely helped maintain a COVID free environment in Kilmacanogue National School.

And now for Ms Murray’s incredibly funny jokes! ???? ????

What is fast, loud and crunchy??……..A rocket chip!!

What do you call an ant that fights crime?………A vigilANTy!!

What do you call 2 bananas??………..Slippers!!


Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)