Wednesday Newsletter April 21st 2021



APRIL 21st 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

It is wonderful having all the children back to school these days. They all seem very happy and are working really hard with their teachers and enjoying playing outside with their classmates.

Jackie Kinch has returned to teach GAA skills to the Junior classes up to 2nd Class and the children are having great fun learning new skills from her.

A number of teachers have started their Parent/Teacher meetings with the parents of the children in their respective classes. Some teachers are phoning and others are using ZOOM, it all depends on the requirements of the class and the parents and teachers. Obviously, the ‘meetings’ are different given that we cannot have face to face meetings, but we hope that they are beneficial no matter what. We expect the ‘meetings/phone calls’ will be completed over the next week or so. Each ‘meeting’ will last about 10 minutes, as it is just a check up and update regarding your child’s progress. Please remember, that you are always welcome to contact your child’s teacher at anytime during the year, to discuss his/her progress, don’t feel that you have to wait until the Parent/Teacher meetings.

Thanks everyone, as usual, for your great support in helping us all arrange these meetings.

The HSE nurses were in the school during the week, checking the eyesight and hearing of the Junior Infants. They told me that they were so very impressed with the wonderful boys and girls of Kilmacanogue National School, and with how well-behaved and polite they all were.

I also was so impressed at how good the children were returning from their 4 in 1 vaccination which took place in Greystones last Friday, April 16th. They all returned to school with a smile on their faces and full of news about their ‘adventure!’ Some told me that they had been given the COVID injection! ????

Thanks everyone for the manner in which you are mindful of taking care while driving/parking in the Church car park, before and after school. I have made contact with Wicklow County Council to see how the pedestrian lights opposite the overflow car park may be switched on as well as sourcing a traffic warden to help. I will keep you posted with any update.

Thanks also so much to everyone who is wearing their face mask/covering and keeping the 2 metre social distance……..YOU ARE THE BEST!!

At the moment we are exploring the possibility of ‘school tours’ but these cannot be arranged until we get the ‘all-clear’ from the HSE and When we know more, we will keep you posted. Be assured that the school will arrange various activities, real and virtual, in the school, no matter what, for all the children so that they will have lots of fun and enjoyment during the last few months of the 2020/2021 school year.

The Green Schools’ Committee sent out a survey last week to the children regarding travelling to school. Here are some of the interesting results:

25%    Walked the whole way to school!

5%      Walked part of the way

3%      Cycled to school

67%    Drove all the way to school…….ooooops!!

‘Here’s the message again: Let’s get moving! ……at Kilmacanogue National School, we are trying to see how well we are doing at walking and cycling to school right now. Once we have found out how well we are doing……..we are going to try to do even better!!

Remember: The fewer cars that come to school, means cleaner air and cleaner planet!!’

Well done to all those children doing their best to walk or cycle to school (obviously it is not possible for everyone in all circumstances and safety is paramount)

Here are a few Art pictures done by the children in Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd classes featuring the Book of Kells, Planets and lovely Sunny Images


Senior Infants and their lovely Art-Work based on the Book of Kells


First Class and their amazing handwriting and work on Planets


Second Class Mrs Wolohan and their lovely colourful point painting of a Sunny Day


Second Class Mr Dunne and their incredible chalky Planet pictures


And now for Miss Murray’s incredibly funny jokes! ???? ????

What happens when dinosaurs drive cars???………Tyrannosaurus wrecks!!!

What are prehistoric creatures called when they sleep???…….Dinosnores!!!

Where do horses live??……….In neighhhhhh – bourhoods!!

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes always,


Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)