Wednesday Newsletter May 27th 2020





Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,  

It is like living in the Mediterranean at the moment, with the fabulous weather and blue skies! I am sure that there are lots of exciting sporting activities going on in houses and gardens throughout Kilmacanogue and farther a field!

Happy Birthday to those boys and girls who celebrated their special day a few days ago and to those who will celebrate it in a few days:

Happy Birthday to Aidan Forster from 5th Class last Monday

Happy Birthday to Jake O’Reilly from 5th Class yesterday

Happy Birthday to Artyem O’Dwyer from 3rd Class yesterday

Happy Birthday to Ella Duffy from 2nd Class tomorrow

Happy Birthday to Nathan Hall from 2nd Class this coming Friday

Did you enjoy the Spark Video featuring photographs from December 2017 and of course that man in red, Santa Claus?? I have another one for you today to enjoy, featuring photos from 2018 containing pictures from very snowy days to Seachtain na Gaeilge to fundraising to dancing in the sunshine! See can you spot yourself and your friends in the pictures.

Mr Seán O’Connor Levingston’s 5th Class entered a story competition for Dogs’ Trust Ireland. This competition was open to the entire country and our very own Ella Hammond from 5th Class was awarded 2nd place overall! Isn’t that just amazing…..well done, Ella. We are very proud of you.

Thanks to all the parents/guardians who, so far, have collected their children’s schoolbooks, following strict HSE and guidelines. Please keep in contact with your child’s teacher for information in this regard.

Well done to you all, boys and girls, for the great work you are doing for your teachers on Class Dojo and SeeSaw. I am amazed at the level of participation and overall standard. You are fantastic because I know that it is not easy doing schoolwork away from your teacher and away from school. Only a few more weeks to go now during which there will be some revision work and a greater emphasis on fun physical activities, just as though we were all back in school enjoying the beautiful weather and playing more sports’ activities outside in our lovely playing areas.

Don’t forget that the teachers are organising some fantastic activities for Friendship Week and Active Schools’ Week, so keep a look-out for these over the next few weeks too.

I have been in contact with all our incoming Junior Infant parents and the children are incredibly excited about starting ‘Big School’. Over the next week or so, I shall be sending them out all the information to do with Junior Infants. Shortly after that, myself and the teachers will send out the reports and calendars and booklists and so on for the rest of the classes……all very exciting!

Remember to keep in contact via the school’s email address and check out the school website and Twitter and of course keep in contact with your class teacher. We always love hearing from you.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke.

What gets wetter the more it dries??………A towel!!


Niamh Murray (Principal)

Some More Fun Interesting Facts

  • Rabbits and parrots can see behind themselves without even moving their heads!
  • Butterflies taste food by standing on top of it! Their taste receptors are in their feet unlike humans who have most on their tongue.
  • Although the Stegosaurus dinosaur was over 9 metres long, its brain was only the size of a walnut.
  • Humans get a little taller in space because there is no gravity pulling down on them.
  • Because of the unusual shape of their legs, kangaroos and emus struggle to walk backwards.
  • A hippopotamus may seem huge but it can still run faster than a man.
  • Sneezing with your eyes open is impossible.
  • The trickiest tongue twister in the English language is apparently “Sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”. Give it a try and see for yourself.