Wednesday Newsletter January 27th 2021



JANUARY 27th 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,


Well done to everyone for all your great hard work, perseverance and positivity in the midst of this time of uncertainty and difficulty. It is fantastic to see how all the children are engaging with their teachers and doing the best that they can………that is all that can be asked of any of us.

Remember, Mums and Dads, to look after yourselves! You are very special and we could not do what we do here in Kilmacanogue National School without you. The boys and girls are well able in general to do their work on their own and if they need help, their class teachers are always on hand through the various ZOOM sessions as well as the instructional videos and voice recordings as well of course as engaging with the children via SeeSaw.

Children are so amazing and very versatile and they would buy and sell us adults in the manner in which they understand and manipulate the various platforms and devices…….so parents, try to sit back and relax!! 🙂

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you by contacting your child’s teacher via SeeSaw or their school email address or by contacting me at or the school email address Keep an eye out for the school Twitter account @kilmacanoguens as well as the school website for any information or updates. Also, please let us know if you need access to laptops or tablets and we will arrange these along with a coaching session on how to use them.


Congratulations to Maria Birchall-Dwyer in 4th Class for winning a prize in the Someone Like Me Art Competition organised by the National Disability Authority. Tomorrow at 12 noon the awards’ ceremony will take place and, if you are free, you are all invited to attend by clicking the link below. I am looking forward to this, well done again Maria.

Monday February 1st is the start of Springtime and is St Brigid’s Day as well as being Grandparents’ Day!! To celebrate all this, especially our wonderful Grandparents, the children have been composing poems and prayers and reflections which praise and show love and gratitude for our Grandparents. Fr Kennedy will hold a lovely Prayer Service on Monday February 1st at 11am broadcast via webcam from St Mary’s Church, Enniskerry. This Prayer Service will last about 20 minutes and is for the schools in the Parish of Enniskerry including the best school of all Kilmacanogue National School!

Here is the link:

The children will be singing at the Prayer Service via the webcam and this is another link to a lovely song dedicated to St Brigid which will be sung on the day. Perhaps you could play this for your children and they could sing along with it to rehearse before hand. The words are under the picture box showing the song;

And now a little thought for the day!

And now for Miss Murray’s joke!

How does the moon cut his hair??……Eclipse it!!





Take care everyone and stay safe and remember ALL WILL BE WELL

Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)