Wednesday Newsletter January 20th 2021



JANUARY 20th 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,   

These are surely extraordinary times in which we are living with January 20th, 2021 witnessing the inauguration of the 46th President of America, Joseph Robinette Biden, a man with firm Irish connections!

I am also very conscious of how upsetting it is for everyone especially children, parents, teachers and school communities at the confusion and lack of clarity regarding the return to schools for those children with very special needs attending Special Schools.

All the teachers in Kilmacanogue National School want to return to school AS SOON AS POSSIBLE being as confident as we can be that the school is as safe as it can be for everyone from the children to all the staff members. Together, we did a wonderful job from the time school opened last September 2020 to the day the school doors closed for the Christmas break on December 22nd, 2020 in keeping the virus from the school doors. Working together again, we can continue to achieve this goal as we enter a new phase of this pandemic if we follow all HSE and guidelines as we have done so far. I am very confident that we will be back in school VERY SOON so do not lose heart or become worried. All will be well.

In the meantime, all the teachers are engaging with each child in his/her class on a daily basis, whether it is via SeeSaw or ZOOM or regular recorded lessons or instructional videos or recorded voice messages to name but a few strategies. It is very important for all the children to be engaging with their teachers on some level, because even though school is closed for class attendance, schooling is not closed and the education and teaching of each of the children is still very much active.

Please remember that as a school community, we are here to help you all be the very best that you can be and to help remove any stress associated with Remote Teaching and Learning. Keep in contact and updated via the school email address, the school website, the school twitter @kilmacanoguens, the teachers’ school email addresses as well, of course, as reading the Wednesday Newsletter.

I must admit that I am very impressed at the level of work being completed and uploaded by so many of the children.


We are so lucky to have very talented children attending or who have attended Kilmacanogue National School and one such young lady is Savannah Mason who has moved onto Secondary School and is now a pupil in St Kilian’s Community School. Savannah has won a scholarship to DCU (Dublin City University) starting this coming summer 2021 where she will have the opportunity of studying Creative Writing and Law amongst other things!


And now a little thought for the day!

Take care and stay safe and remember. ALL WILL BE WELL.

Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)