Wednesday Newsletter November 11th 2020



NOVEMBER 11th  2020                                                                                                            

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

I have heard some news that the elves and their relatives will be visiting our school from the North Pole very soon  because they have decided that they want to have lots and lots of Christmas fun and games even in the month of November!!!!…… I am warning all the children and teachers to be on the look-out for them.

They could be anywhere in the school causing trouble and laughing and playing games on us all!! Keep your eyes open wide and your ears listening hard. Last year, those naughty little elves tried to delete all of the work I was doing on my laptop!! Imagine that!!! I came into my office one morning to find one of them sitting very comfortably on my laptop about to press the delete button!! Luckily, I managed to rescue my laptop on time, but by then, the cheeky little elf had disappeared!!

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the ‘Write-A-Book’ Project organised by Blackrock Education Centre. Their standard of work and literacy and level of imagination and accomplishment was commented upon by everyone who read their stories.

Special congratulations go to Elizabeth Grace Cafferkey from Mr Dunne’s 2nd Class for her story ‘The Scorpion’ and to Darren Redmond from Mrs Wolohan’s 2nd Class for his story ‘The Cannon’ and to Keiter Barreto from Ms Flanagan’s 5th Class for her story ‘Krystel’s Life’ and to Ellie Keenan from Mr O’Connor Levingston’s 6th Class for her story ‘The New Neighbourhood’. They were all gold medal prize winners. Savannah Mason, who was in Ms Kyne’s 6th Class last year, was an overall prize winner and even had her story published in a book featuring 6th Class prize winners. Well done everyone, we are so proud of you in Kilmacanogue National School. I would say that we have a few Jane Austens or Roddy Doyles in our midst!

We have been celebrating Kilmacanogue National School’s Maths’ Week all this week, cracking codes and winning prizes!! The Senior Classes have been having or will be having a go at the Bedlum Cube! They only have one day to figure it out! If they succeed, they will earn a prize for their entire class. Best of luck! Some classes have been also doing Maths’ activities from Monopoly to Mathletics on the school’s new tablets. It has been very exciting. Thanks to Ms Denvir for organising all of this great fun

At last the school’s online payment facility via Aladdin, the school’s management system, is up and running! This will be of huge help to anyone wanting to pay fees etc and is very easy and accessible. Access can be achieved through the school website and then by clicking the payment tab.

Our wonderful Parents’ Association has a message for everyone:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Christmas Card samples will be going home with all the children today. This year there is an option to purchase online by scanning the QR code on the sample card. Please order this way if possible.

Cash can still be accepted by returning the order form and the envelope to the school office. This year there is an option to order extras such as personalised Christmas stockings or personalised cards/calendars.

The closing date for ALL orders is this Friday November 13th.

All monies raised will go back to the school to help fund such projects as the upgrade of the IT.

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser.

The Parents’ Association


And now for a selection of Art from some classes throughout the school from our wonderfully talented children.

Senior Infants Mrs Davenport’s Class

2nd Class Pink Wolohan’s Class

2nd  Class Orange Mr Dunne’s Class


5th Class Ms Flanagan’s Class


And now for Miss Murray’s joke.

What falls in Winter but never gets hurt?………..SNOW!!!

Take care and stay safe.


Niamh Murray (Principal)