Wednesday Newsletter November 4th 2020




Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Welcome back everyone. It was great to see all the lovely, happy smiling faces on those walking up the path to school when school reopened after the mid-term break on Monday…….and the children looked happy too!! ????

This next term is going to fly by really quickly and of course there will be lots of fun and games and surprises in store for all the children!!

The school has had top quality laptops and projectors installed in the classes over the mid-term break. The teachers and children are delighted with them. The brightness of the projectors is great and helps with the clarity of teaching. Also, we have acquired some exciting sound boxes which help amplify the sound as well as creating colourful lights in the classroom!

Thanks to everyone who is wearing their face masks as they come to the school at any time. It is really important to do everything we can do so as to be able to keep the virus out of our school. The school has followed all HSE and guidelines and we are confident that all the products used in the school are absolutely safe for everyone and most especially for all the children.

It is very important that the school has a number of contacts available for each child in the case of having to phone home for the child to be collected for any reason. There is no point giving the name or number of a contact to the school if that contact is not available to collect any child requiring to be collected for whatever reason especially during these days of COVID-19. So please give the school the names and contact details of those who are available to collect your child if required. Thank you for your support and understanding in this regard.

There is a lot of play time going on outside throughout the day and the children are so lucky to be able to get out to play on the various fun areas around the school, which we will be developing with more fun games as the year goes on….from table tennis, tennis, rounders, athletics etc… this space!!

Speaking about playing outside, please make sure that the children wear their coats to school because it is getting very cold and windy as the picture at the top of this newsletter depicts!!

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to the Voluntary Contribution. It really does make a huge difference in enabling us provide all kinds of resources for the children.

Many of you have been asking about the online payment facilities. We are happy to say that they are within a few days of being finalised. The school is just waiting for the school management system, Aladdin, to push the start button and then we will be good to go!

Thanks to Jason Minto and his company Urban Fitters who, during the mid-term break, fitted new carpet in the Junior Section of the school  It is  a lovely blue colour and from now on, that section of the school will be known as the Blue Corridor to help the children know where they are! Thanks Jason, you are great!

All the children should now have their codes required for SeeSaw and ReadingEggs and Mathletics’ programmes. We are really moving into the space age!!

Next stop Mars!!

It is great to welcome Jackie Kinch back to teach the children GAA skills. The children really enjoy her lessons and for the next number of weeks, Senior Infants, First Class, Third Class, Fourth Class, Fifth Class and Sixth Class will be benefitting from her expertise. Don’t worry, the two Second Classes and Junior Infants will be getting their turn after Christmas.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke.

How do you make an octopus laugh?……..with ten-tickles!!!!

Take care and stay safe.


Niamh Murray (Principal)