Wednesday Newsletter January 22nd 2020



 Dear Parents/Guardians, Boys and Girls,

Another very busy week here in our lovely school, with all the boys and girls working very hard. Miss Murray has caught a lot of boys and girls and entire classes BEING GOOD!! Well done everyone, keep up the great work.

At assembly on Monday we learned about the story of The Good Samaritan from the Gospel of Luke and the children gave lots of ideas as to how they can be like The Good Samaritan helping those around them.

Also at assembly, Ms Quiney’s 4th Class showed us their great work based on a writing activity about the story of Matilda by Roald Dahl and the wonderful idea they had of putting together the story outline in a most unusual shape called a dodecahedron!! This kind of shape is composed of twelve regular pentagonal faces. What a most unusual way to write about a story!

Rehearsals for the Laudate Festival Concert, which will take place January 30th in St Pius X Church Templeogue, are going very well with 2nd and 4th classes and the children are all singing beautifully  and learning lots of new songs. It will be a great night.

The parent/teacher meetings are in full flow at the moment and the feed back is very positive  as is to be expected from the excellent children in this school. If any parent/guardian has any concern or would like to discuss matters further, please feel free to contact the office to make an appointment. Remember our door is always open and we are here to help you.

Thanks to the parents who have filled out the form containing general questions about COMPREHENSION while waiting for their parent/teacher meetings. This is for our school Self-Evaluation and School Improvement Plan. With the input and feedback from our wonderful parents/guardians, we want to make Kilmacanogue National School the very best that it can be in every area possible. There will be more such questionnaires throughout the year.

Reminder of the after-school activities and the contact details as outlined here. The school is not the organiser of these activities, just the facilitator. The various activities include: Monday  Hip Hop 086 1212739: Tuesday Mathletics 087 0557694: Tuesday Creative Keyboards Wednesday Yoga for Children 087 2822231: Thursday Karate Felisity Cullen on 085733102: Friday ArtZone 086 8159073:  Action Arts 087 6869329: Individual piano lessons 087 9572024.

And now for another of Miss Murray’s fabulous jokes.

What do you call a dog that can tell the time?……….A WATCH DOG!!!

Niamh Murray (Principal)