Wednesday Newsletter January 29th 2020



 Dear Parents/Guardians, Boys and Girls,

Another very busy week here in Kilmacanogue National School, with all the children working very hard. I was particularly pleased to visit the Junior Infant Class and to watch the boys and girls doing great work during their Maths’ class, writing and colouring all the correct numbers and objects. They were listening intently to their teacher and following all her instructions very carefully. Well done children.

At assembly on Monday, we heard all about the story of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, from the Gospel of John. The boys and girls spoke about Jesus wanting to care for each of them and wanting to protect them from any harm. The children volunteered ways in which they too could be like the Good Shepherd looking after those around them who are less well off or in need of their help.

Congratulations to Sarah Kearns from 6th Class who, at the weekend, was awarded 7th place in the North Wicklow and Leinster Irish Dancing Competitions. She came 2nd in the Slip-Jig competition and 1st in the Single-Jig competition. Sarah was up against excellent world dancing champions and she did as well as any of them…….well done Sarah, you are a CHAMPION.

Praise must also go to Aoibhe Nolan from 5th Class who, last Saturday, came first in the Rookie Life-Guard Rope Throw Competition and was awarded 3rd overall. Well done Aoibhe, I know who I would like to have around if I was having difficulty swimming.

Tomorrow evening, Thursday January 30th, 2nd and 4th Classes will be participating in the Laudate Festival Concert in St Pius X Church, Templeogue. Please be in the Kilmacanogue Church car park in time for the bus ready to leave at 5:15pm. The concert starts at 7pm and will finish at 8:15pm so we should be home at about 9-9:15pm. Remember to wear the correct school uniform and well done to all the boys and girls who have worked so hard singing and learning their songs.

Regarding Homework and the length of time it should take each evening, here is a general outline for each class:

Junior-Senior Infants———–5-10 minutes

First-Second Class———— 20-30 minutes

Third-Fourth Class————-30-40 minutes

Fifth -Sixth Class—————45-60 minutes

If a child in any class is having difficulty completing his/her homework, please talk to the class teacher. Also, once the above allotted homework time for your child’s class has been reached, please do not feel under pressure to get the rest of the work completed if it is causing strain on your child. Simply stop once the allotted time has been reached and write a note in the homework journal to the teacher. Homework should be a revision and reinforcement of the work done in school that day with a little more challenging work to develop your child’s academic ability. It is most definitely not a punishment. Remember, we are here to help and our door is ALWAYS OPEN.

A little note to let everyone involved know that the Kilmac GAA JUVENILE AGM will take place this coming Monday February 3rd in the clubhouse at 7:30pm.

And now for another of Miss Murray’s hilarious jokes!!

How do you get a squirrel to like you?……..Act like a NUT!!!         

Niamh Murray (Principal)