Wednesday Newsletter November 27th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Congratulations to all the boys and girls and all our teachers who worked so hard and did so well during our school’s WSE, Whole School Evaluation, which took place last week. The Inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills were rightly impressed with everyone. So many things about the school impressed them from the lovely welcoming nature of the school to the sense of calm which pervades the learning environment. The Inspectors commented on the high level of pupil learning and quality of teaching which they witnessed throughout their 3 days with us.

The Inspectors also noted that in the student questionnaire, completed by a selection of classes chosen by the Inspectors, the children’s answers reflected their level of engagement with the school and the fact that they felt safe and appreciated and valued in the school, and above all were very happy in the school. This, for me as Principal, is the most important message. I want to continue to create and encourage an environment and atmosphere within which all our wonderful children in Kilmacanogue National School can feel happy and appreciated  and can learn all the life skills and curricular subjects necessary to help them become well-rounded individuals more than capable of leading a full and exciting life as well as contributing to that exciting life and to those around them.

Thanks to Siobhan and Fiona who kept the show on the road so to speak with all the phone calls and all the comings and goings during this very busy time which included the Kilcoole Music Festival! Thanks also to the Board of Management and to the Parents’ Association for their enormous contribution and support. Kilmacanogue National School is a credit to you all, teachers, SNAs, parents and above all a credit to the children. Thanks also to the Inspectors for their in-depth analysis of our school and their excellent support and advice during this important WSE. The overall report from the WSE will be available from the Department of Education and Skills’ website in a few weeks’ time. Well done everyone, you are FANTASTIC.

Well done to everyone especially Michelle Hammond for organising the very successful Book Fair, which has been taking place in the school hall for the past week. The children have really enjoyed coming down and looking at what is on offer as well as reading the new books available. The Book Fair will finish this coming Friday November 29th.

Don’t forget about the Kilmacanogue National School Christmas Fair which will be taking place this Sunday December 1st in the school hall from 10:30am until 1:30pm. All prizes for raffles greatly appreciated! The school will also be open the day before the Fair on Saturday November 30th from 10:00am until 12:00pm for those setting up stalls or contributing anything.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the charity BARSS, for the homeless. The boxes are in the school entrance foyer if anyone else wants to contribute.

A little reminder that earrings are not allowed be worn during the school day due to health and safety reasons. Thank you for your understanding in this.

And finally, joke time!

When does it rain money? ……..When there’s a change in the weather!!

Niamh Murray (Principal)