Wednesday Newsletter November 13th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

The boys and girls have been working very hard all week as well as trying to get out to play during the breaks in spite of this very cold weather snap. I wonder is snow on the way??

There will be a lot of things happening in the school over the next few weeks including the Book Fair which will be taking place from Tuesday November 26th until Friday November 29th. There will be opportunities for all the children to become even more actively engaged in reading all kinds of exciting books. Thanks to the parents for organising this.

Also this is the time of the year when the Kilmacanogue National School parents and children are all so very generous in contributing to various charities. This year, the chosen charity is BARSS, Bray Area Rough Sleepers Support. The items which we would love you to donate if you have any spare are: hats and scarves and gloves/toiletries/sleeping bags and blankets/tents/cans of minerals/pot noodles, bars, crisps, water. There are collection boxes opposite the main door.

You might have noticed that there are 2 new signs indicating Kilmacanogue National School. One is at the gate on the post and the other is attached to the school front wall. Now no one will have any excuse for not knowing the name of the school!!

Some of you may have seen the lovely new carpet which has been placed in the foyer entrance of the school to replace the soiled carpet that had been there. The children are really enjoying playing hop -scotch in and out of the red and blue square tiles! Thanks so much to Jason Minto for his hard work and long hours in getting this carpet laid down. We are all delighted with it. Thanks Jason.

Next week will be incredibly busy with the Inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills visiting the school as well as those children taking part in the Kilcoole Music Festival. It never rains but it pours!! But they always say give work to a busy person, or in this case to busy children and teachers, and the work will be done excellently.

Throughout the school and in the classes, there are lovely posters to remind us all of our school motto: If it’s not nice, we don’t do it and it if it’s not nice, we don’t say it.

A reminder that school will be closed on Monday November 18th to facilitate a training day for the New Primary Language Curriculum Stage 2 for teachers in Blackrock Education Centre.

Please read the back of this newsletter for information from the Parents’ Association.

And now it’s joke time!

How do you stop a baby astronaut’s baby from crying?…….You rocket!!!

Niamh Murray (Principal)