Wednesday Newsletter September 25th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Another week of school has gone by and lots of things have been happening in our school with the after-school activities and individual piano lessons proving to be very popular. More activities will start this coming Thursday and Friday for the next number of weeks when the children from Junior Infants up to 6th Class will take part in GAA Classes during the school day.

The girls from 5th and 6th Classes played brilliantly last week in Bray Emmets when they won almost all their football matches. Well done girls we are very proud of you. On Thursday, the boys from 5th and 6th Classes will have their chance and I am sure that they will do very well. The important thing is to enjoy the games and to do the best that you can.

Thanks to Ms O’Gorman for her excellent presentation last Wednesday evening to the parents of Junior Infants. She spoke of how well each child was getting along as well as offered advice as to how best to support the children during this special year. Thanks also to Ms Bourke, our Deputy Principal, for her thoughtful words to the parents and her continuous support. Thanks to the Parents’ Association for providing the teas and coffees and goodies.

 I must admit that it is always a pleasure going into visit the Junior and Senior Infant Classes and to see how well they are concentrating and learning so many different things. The 2 First Classes and Second Class are doing some beautiful writing as well as reading lots of interesting books. It is great to see how happy and engaged all the children are…….a happy child is a child who learns happily!!

I must also compliment the Senior Classes in our school. It has been often commented upon how quiet the school is…..almost as if there are no children in the building at all! The classrooms are places of focused learning in an atmosphere of respect and calm. It is wonderful to hear the high standard of Irish of 3rd Class as well as to see the excellent Artwork of 4th Class. 5th and 6th Classes are proving to be wonderfully inspiring leaders in the school, incredibly well-behaved as well as doing great work. They are also so very kind to the younger children and mind them so well. The boys and girls of Kilmacanogue National School are the BEST!

Well done to the children of 6th Class who took part in the Mass last Sunday in St Mochonog’s Church in preparation for their Confirmation. Everyone who attended it said that it was a lovely ceremony. Thanks to Celia Flynn for all her hard work.

On Tuesday, October 1st, the photographer from County Photos will be calling to the school to take the photographs of the Junior Infants along with their brothers/sisters, so remember to get the children to wear the correct school uniform for the photo.

Please read the note from Fr Bernard Kennedy on the back of this newsletter.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke.

Why did the computer squeak?…….Because someone stepped on its mouse!! 

Niamh Murray (Principal)