Wednesday Newsletter September 11th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Almost 2 weeks of school have already been completed and I can honestly say that it is amazing to see how well the children have settled back to school including all our new children. The quality of their application and the standard of their work are delightful to behold from the Infant Classes all the way up to 6th. If you get a chance come in and see the lovely Artwork which has already been done by the Junior Classes especially.

The activities during and after school will commence next week.

Monday 16th: Urban X Hip Hop: 1st – 6th Class: 3-4pm: Contact Rachel 086 1212739

Tuesday 17th: Creative Keyboards: 1st -2nd 3-4pm and 3rd-6th 4-5pm: Contact Krisha 087 2022505

Wednesday 18th: Individual Piano Lessons during school hours: Contact Mary Hanley 087 9572024

Wednesday 18th: Yoga 3-4pm: Contact Hannah Dunford 087 2822231

Friday 19th: Artzone: Junior/Sen Infants 2-3pm and 1st -6th 3-4pm: Contact Kate 01 4990614

Please make contact directly with the organisers of these activities for more details. The school is not the organiser but the facilitator of these activities, so does not have all the information which the organisers have. Thanks for your understanding.

This coming Friday, September 13th, will be Roald Dahl Day and I look forward to seeing the children and the teachers dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl character.

The school library looks amazing and is a great space for the children to come and enjoy their reading and all the lovely books. A very special thank you to Mark Driver who worked tirelessly over a very busy summer to ensure that the library was made, fitted and snagged before the children returned to school. Thanks so much Mark, we are all delighted.

Library will commence in the next week or so once all the books have been catalogued. Volunteers are always welcome.

A reminder to parents to let the office know if your child will be late or absent from school by emailing or phoning 01 2861934. This is to help us look after your children in case there is any emergency or reason for concern. Many thanks for your understanding.

And now for the dreaded joke!!

What type of music are balloons scared of???……..Pop Music!!     

Niamh Murray (Principal)