September – October 2018

The students of 5th class dressed up to celebrate Roald Dahl day in style. We learned about the life of the much loved author and listened to some lovely reader’s theatre performed by 4th Class (Thanks Ms. Lynch for organising it!). We explored the many works of the author and payed special attention to the revolting rhymes poetry series, which the class enjoyed. Ms. Quiney even dressed up too!


In SPHE, we learned about the importance of team work. We had to work together as a team to create our moving device to stack cups as a tower. This required a lot of concentration.


Well done to 5th Class student Savannah Mason who was on the winning team for the Tony Lawlor cup.


For Maths Week we combined maths and science to become engineers for the day. In groups we made our very own Ferris Wheels using things you find in the classroom such as, straws, lollypop sticks, glue, masking tape and a lot of enthusiasm. It was tricky, but we persevered and learned from our mistakes along the way. They even spun too!

We have been doing other fun, practical things in maths. When we finished Place Value, we had a maths hunt around the classroom. We moved around in pairs to find 26 different numbers shown on abacuses and wrote down the correct numbers.

We learned about matter in Science and through the use of experiments, we saw how a solid and a liquid can mix to make a gas, we could see all three states in the one experiment. We used, bottles, balloons, baking soda and vinegar for this experiment. The baking mixes with the vinegar and released carbon dioxide that made our balloons inflate with the gas.

In History we looked at different Irish legends. We took a modern approach and created comics to show the stories.

In art we looked at the colour wheel, and found an interesting way to show what we have learned.


We have also looked at portraits in Visual Art. We developed our drawing skills by extending a portrait using only a pencil. The results were very impressive.