Wednesday Newsletter September 13th 2017


WEDNESDAY NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 13th 2017                         

Dear Parents, Guardians and especially all the Boys and Girls of Kilmacanogue National School, welcome back to school and a big ‘Hello’ to all the new boys and girls.

This is the first news-letter of the new school year and it is my very first news-letter as the Principal of Kilmacanogue. I am very lucky because Kilmacanogue is a fantastic school with amazing teachers, parents and children.

So far we have had two assemblies in the hall with the whole school where we reminded ourselves of our Golden Rules:

  • I will be gentle
  • I will be kind
  • I will be honest
  • I will listen
  • I will respect people and property
  • I will work hard

All the boys and girls are already carrying out all these Golden Rules and I am very proud of them. It’s good to be reminded of them in case we forget.

We have also learned a new song called ‘We will walk with God’ and all the children have been learning to sing it in English as well as in Swazi, which is a language from the African country Swaziland!  Can you believe it?

Lots of exciting things will be happening during the year for all the hard-working boys and girls of Kilmacanogue to follow on from the colourful balloons which greeted everyone on their first day back to school……so be prepared for fun, fun, fun!

On a personal note, I would like to thank Mrs Geraldine Kelly for her tremendous job as Principal and to wish her every happiness in the future. There will always be a place in the heart of Kilmacanogue National School for such a very special lady.

I am going to sign off for now until next week. Please be assured of my support and commitment to you all and be confident in the knowledge that if there is anything at all that I can do for you, I will try my utmost to do it.

With best wishes for an exciting and happy year ahead,

Niamh Murray  (Principal)