Dissecting a heart in 6th class

6th class have been studying the human heart and it’s function within the body over the last few weeks. We managed to get our hands on a sheep’s heart which looks and functions just like the human heart. Most of us were excited to have a good look at the heart and identify some of the features we had seen on paper (although some were a little squeamish!).


January 2016 220

The heart was about the size of a fist, similar to the human heart. It was interesting to see how the fat and muscle felt very different. We were able to identify the main veins and arteries leading into and out of the heart.

January 2016 227

We opened the heart to reveal the left and right ventricles and atria and noticed how the muscle on the left hand side of the heart was far thicker than the right. This we gathered was to protect the rich oxygenated blood and to create more power to pump the fresh blood all around the body.


January 2016 226