Kilmacanogue National School School Uniform Policy


The current school uniform policy is as follows:

Navy or Red Sweat Shirt with School Crest

Navy Trousers, Navy Track Suit Bottoms/Navy Shorts

Navy Pinafore and/or Navy Skirt (Junior infants, Senior Infants and 1st class)

Navy Skirt 2nd Class onwards

White Polo Shirt

Black/Navy shoes or runners.

Parents are asked to encourage their children to wear the correct school uniform in line with the policy as follows:

Navy or Red Sweat Shirt, White Polo Shirt, Navy Trousers/Navy Skirt/Navy Pinafore 3 days a week

Navy/Black Shoes or trainers

Navy Track Suit Bottoms for PE 2 days a week.

Tracks suits and Shorts are allowed be worn on hot sunny days in May/June and September/October. No label tracksuits to be worn.

Children may be asked to wear specific parts of the uniform when representing the school at some events.


For health and safety reasons the ONLY item of jewellery allowed to be worn in Kilmacanogue National School is a watch.  Please do not get your child’s ears pierced during the school terms. Children with earrings that cannot be removed will be unable to take part in P.E class or to play on the yard.

No unconventional haircuts/styles, including a grade zero or grade one head shave, are permitted.

No make-up or false nails are allowed.

This policy has been discussed by members of the Parents’ Association.

The Board of Management reviewed and ratified this policy on 20th January 2021.

Signed by: Judy O’Toole (Chairperson)

Signed by: Niamh Murray (Principal)

Date: 20th January 2021

This policy was also reviewed in September, 2021 and was upheld by the Board of Management.


Under review for November website update – Ann Marie Bourke & Judy O’Toole November 1st 2022