Wednesday Newsletter September 22nd 2021


WEDNESDAY NEWSLETTER September 22nd, 2021 

Autumn equinox 2021, from BBC Sky at Night Magazine 

Dear Parents/Guardians and Families, 

Autumn equinox is upon us already, which is hard to believe! Equinox is one of two moments in a planet’s orbit around the Sun when its axis of rotation – in Earth’s case, the line connecting the north and south poles – points neither towards nor away from the Sun. Astronomically speaking, autumn begins at the September (or southward) equinox, which in 2021 falls on this day, 22nd September. It also marks which full Moon is determined as the Harvest Moon for that year. Those who observe the southern hemisphere sky mark the advent of spring on this date, which is their vernal rather than autumnal equinox. 

Yesterday, we marked International Peace Day throughout the school. Via Zoom, we shared a peace message and prayer for leaders, in the classrooms from 2nd Class to 6th Class. These classes also received a very special message from former Assistant Chief of Staff of the Irish Defence Forces, Brig-General Peter O’Halloran, who served on many peace-keeping missions abroad, including Chad and Bosnia. Here is a link to his video message about peace to the children. Press Control Button and Double Click: VIDEO-2021-09-19-11-56-33 – Shortcut.lnk 

Beautiful peace themed projects took place throughout the school in the form of hand prints, story, listening to songs of peace and friendship, peace doves, expressing thoughts about peace through clay. There was also much class discussion about the United Nations. We all pondered how real peace begins in our own hearts. This reminded me of Roald Dahl’s lines from last week about the opposite of what is ugly, that if you have good thoughts or peaceful thoughts ‘they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.’ Oscar Wilde might not agree with that one! (Remember Dorian Gray?!) 

For anyone who has paid their school insurance online, please return the slip with your child’s name and signed by parent/guardian with date. Friday is the final day for accepting school insurance forms/slips in the office. 

Thank you for being so good about contacting the office by email or phone to let us know the reason for absences. This is a great help to us in accounting for everyone each day. 

Again, may we remind you that the Admissions Policy is on our website, It is important to consult this document as the opportunity to apply for admission is coming up in a few more weeks. The date for applications to be made will commence October 4th 2021, and absolutely no applications received before this date will be accepted. 

REMINDER: Please pay any outstanding administration fees to the school. Thank you to all who have already done so. 

We continue to strongly encourage all of the children to wear their uniforms on non P.E. days. It has been noted that quite a number of children have been donning earrings to school. We do not allow this practice for health and safety reasons. We never wish to prevent children from participating in play on the school yards, but the wearing of earrings to school will strictly result in that very measure. 

NB: We have very strict Covid-19 response measures in place about the school. This is for the good of every person who comes through those school gates. It is for the safety and protection of each one of us that we adhere to these important protocols. We take very seriously any breach in the guidelines of our school’s Covid Response Plan. We all have a right to feel protected and kept safe from Covid-19. We know that we cannot relax our guard in relation to Covid-19 at this stage. MASKS ARE TO BE WORN ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. Please appraise your childminders of our policies also. 

A number of lost sweatshirts and other items of clothing are in a large box outside the office, many dating back to last year, all well quarantined by now! We will sort through these by age category. Unless anyone is specifically looking for something, we will place these items in the clothes recycling bank. 

Again, all of the staff thank you for your support here in the school. In particular, Ms. McCormack and I have experienced many kindnesses and positives from so many of you and this is most encouraging and appreciated sincerely. 

Warmest best wishes, 

Ann Marie 

Ms Ann Marie Bourke 

(Acting Principal)