Wednesday Newsletter June 2nd 2021



JUNE 2nd 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,    

We are now into the month of June and on the home run leading to our summer holidays! Where has the year gone? This newsletter will contain lots and lots of information to help answer questions you might have.

Firstly, remember that the school will be closed this coming Monday June 7th for the June Bank Holiday.

Yesterday, the children were given their cards for the Sponsored Walk which is being organised by the Parents’ Association. The walk will take place on June 15th and promises to be a great fun day. If you could have the completed cards and money raised returned to the school for the Parents’ Association before June 15th, that would be great. Thanks so much to our wonderful Parents’ Association.

The days are getting hotter, so please make sure that your children have hats where necessary and suncream to protect them from the rays of the sun and of course lots of water.

On Friday June 11th, your child’s school report will be posted. If you could send in a stamped addressed envelope to the school by Tuesday 8th June, it would be very much appreciated. If this is not possible, please do not worry, the school will of course supply the envelope and the stamp for your child’s report. We are just trying our best to cut down on costs. Many thanks for your understanding in this.

Tomorrow evening, Thursday June 3rd, I am looking forward to meeting, via ZOOM, all the children who will be starting school with us here in Kilmacanogue National School and who will becoming part of our school family. Happy days! ????

Remember the tours to Killruddery ‘Alive Outside’ for 3rd 4th and 5th Classes will be taking place June 17th, 18th and 22nd. Please see last week’s newsletter and your child’s class teacher for more details.

Just to let you know that the Text-a-Parent messages for some reason have been delivered to phones long after they were actually sent from the school!! It has to do with the internet service, so apologies if you get a message at night which was sent several hours before!

And now a message from Ms Denvir about the school’s Sports’ Week and a message from the Green Schools’ Committee.

Sports’ Week

We have lots of fun planned for the next month including Sports’ Fortnight. Over the next 2 weeks we will be doing inclusive sports, yoga sports’ days with Hanna Lynch, martial arts with Jai Sua Muay Thai, gymnastics with Sugarloaf Gymnastics and GAA with Jackie.

We also will be undertaking a Million Step Challenge with thanks to Wicklow Sports’ Partnership who have provided pedometers to the school. Let’s see who can get to 1 million steps first, the children of Kilmacanogue National School or the teachers and SNAS??

Friday will be our jersey day so, if all the children could bring in €2 and wear their favourite jersey or county colours, we will see all the various activities the children do outside of school as well as the teams they support! Please could we ask that children do not wear earrings as they could present a hazard taking part in sports’ activities. Many thanks for your support in this.

Green Schools’ Committee

Yesterday, June 1st, saw everyone looking after the environment with the children doing their annual clean-up of the school grounds. I think the children were surprised at how much litter gets blown into our school grounds. Thanks Ms. Wolohan for organising this.

As part of Green Schools and Active Schools’ week, we will be asking everybody to walk, scoot, bike to school as much as possible but especially next Wednesday, June 9th, when we will be doing a Walk On Wednesday (WOW) and collecting data to see if we have improved our statistics from the last time.

Here are a few pictures from Mr O’Connor Levingston’s 6th Class who were studying Plate Tectonics and making volcanoes!!

And now for Miss Murray’s incredibly funny jokes! ???? ????

What do you call a sleeping bull? …..A bulldozer!!

Where do fish keep their money?……..In the riverbank!!

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes always,


Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)