Wednesday Newsletter May 26th 2021



MAY 26th 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,    

The end of May is close at hand and even though it is considered to be the start of summer, the weather obviously wasn’t told, because it has been fairly brutal these last few weeks……..BUT…….the sun is on its way and June, July and August, I am reliably told, are going to be fabulous months!!

Our community guard, Garda Adam Nolan, called in to visit the school this morning and was very impressed at how everything was so well run and how we were following all the HSE guidelines regarding COVID-19. He spoke to the boys and girls of 5th and 6th Class about the dangers of the internet and encouraged them to be careful at all times and not to be engaging in any inappropriate behaviour or making contact with any one who is behaving inappropriately. It is always a pleasure when Garda Adam Nolan visits us and indeed there may be several children interested in becoming Gardaí themselves when they grow up as a result of Garda Adam Nolan’s visits!!


The Junior Classes from Junior Infants up to and including 2nd Class, will have great fun on June 22nd when the Wooly Farm arrives to the school. There will be lots of activities that day in the school. Thanks to the Parents’ Association for arranging this. A fee of €9 per child is requested to pay for this and it can be paid via the Aladdin connection on the school website or paid to the school office.

The other classes 3rd, 4th and 5th will be going to Killruddery Estate for some wonderful outdoor activities, which of course will be fully supervised and will follow all the HSE and guidelines. In order to achieve this and to avoid transport by buses, given that Killruddery Estate is so close, we ask that parents/guardians bring their children to Killruddery Estate themselves instead of to the school for 9:30am and collect them afterwards at 1:30pm. Your child’s class teacher will fill you in on all the other relevant details in the next day or so. The cost is €37 which must be paid by Friday June 11th and can be paid via the Aladdin connection on the school website or paid to the school office.

The dates are:  June 17th 3rd Class

                        June 18th 4th Class

                        June 22nd 5th Class

Anyone who paid a deposit for a tour which did not take place last year, will have this deducted from their fee. The Aladdin connection for payment will be active from tomorrow Thursday May 27th.

And the fun does not stop there!! During the month of June from Wednesday 2nd to Friday 11th, we will also have lots and lots of sporting activities with guest coaches coming along following HSE and guidelines to ensure that the children have the greatest fun possible. Thanks to Ms Denvir for helping to organise this. Let’s all hope that we have a really sunny day!! ????

Some lovely Art and Craft from some of our talented children

First Class Ms Denvir


Second Class Mrs Wolohan

Fifth Class Ms Lynch


And now for Miss Murray’s incredibly funny jokes! ???? ????

What was the first animal in space??……The cow that jumped over the moon!!

What is a computer’s favourite snack??………Computer chips!!

(If you have any jokes for Miss Murray, please let me know!!)

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes always,


Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)