Wednesday Newsletter May 19th 2021



MAY 19th  2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Well done to all the boys and girls who have been working so hard. Some classes were focusing on their handwriting and reading and project work as well as creating some really beautiful works of art, as can be seen in this newsletter.

Our artistic SNA, Eva Hogan, has been busy as usual painting anything that she sees including painting our lovely little querky garden wooden house, which I think belongs to the fairies of Kilmacanogue National School……I am sure that I have heard them laughing any time I have been working in the school in the evenings! Also, Eva has created a lovely little jungle area with bamboo plants and ‘snakes’ in the trees!!

Today, Alex Tracey from Second Class, challenged Eva to a game of chess……..and he showed no mercy beating Eva at least 3 times!! Congratulations Alex. You will have to show the rest of us how to play and win! We will be organising chess classes for all the children in the school in the Autumn.

Well done to everyone for maintaining all the COVID-19 protocols. Just a little reminder……if your child is a close contact and is waiting to be tested, please do not send their brothers or sisters to school until you get the all clear from the test being done on their brother or sister…….better safe than sorry.

Because the boys and girls have been working so hard completing their various tests over the past couple of weeks , they may have a NON-UNIFORM DAY this Friday May 21st……just prepare for any rain or hailstones!!

Just take a look at all the amazing Art Work that has been done by the children over the past week or so!! Such talented boys and girls in Kilmacanogue National School.

Junior Infants May is the Month of Mary

Senior Infants ice creams!

Second Class Mr Dunne

Second Class Mrs Wolohan

Fourth Class Floral Art

Fifth Class Under the Sea Art Work

More Fifth Class Under the Sea Art Work

Even more Fifth Class Under the Sea Art Work

More lovely 5th Class Under the Sea Art 

It’s hard to stop looking at all the lovely 5th Class Under the Sea Art work

The final lovely 5th Class Under the Sea picture

And now for Miss Murray’s incredibly funny jokes! ???? ????

What did the frog order as a drink??…..A diet Croak!!

Why should you never trust a pig with a secret??…..Because it is bound to squeal!!

What do cows order from??……Cattle logs!!!

(If you have any jokes for Miss Murray, please let me know!!)

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes always,


Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)