Wednesday Newsletter May 5th 2021



MAY 5TH  2021

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Oh dear oh dear, the weather has been shocking altogether with the children having to avoid the lashing of hailstones which cascaded down on them throughout the week without any warning at all!! There were lots of squeals and shrieks as the children ran inside the school to seek shelter in their classrooms. The school heating has been on full blast while at the came time ensuring that appropriate ventilation is at hand at all times.

May is the Month of Mary and many of you may remember the lovely old hymn, ‘Bring Flowers of the Rarest’ which was dedicated to Our Lady. If you get a chance, listen to the late, great Irish Tenor, Frank Patterson singing it

The photo you see shows the lovely image created by Eva Hogan our amazingly gifted SNA who can turn her hand to anything, transforming it into a piece of art and beauty. In school we will be praying a decade a day of the rosary to Our Lady during the month of May with each day of the week having a special intention:

Monday: Protection of our families

Tuesday: For our grandparents and all those who live alone

Wednesday: For all students doing exams

Thursday: For all the people suffering in India and Brazil

Friday Thanks giving for the vaccines

Fr Bernard Kennedy will celebrate a special Sacramental Mass for all the children preparing for First Communion and Confirmation this coming Sunday via webcam at 12 noon May 9th St Mary’s Church, Enniskerry.

Well done to all the teachers and parents who have managed to hold ‘Parent/Teacher’ meetings via ZOOM or phone calls over the past week or so. It is so important to keep that connection between school and home maintained and ongoing. The children will always benefit from such positive connectivity. We love to here from you and value all your ideas and suggestions at any time of the year.

Remember to let the school know, via email or phone call, if you child is absent for any reason. If your child is feeling unwell, it is best practice to keep them at home because children do not do well in school if they are feeling sick.

And as usual, if your child is returning to school after having been absent for more than 2 days, please fill in the usual Declaration Form or a simple email stating that your child is fit and well to return to school and that all HSE and guidelines have been followed will also be fine.

Fifth Class had a wonderful day today, celebrating all things Mexican for Cinco de Mayo Day, from making and eating spicy food to wearing colourful clothes to making and ‘bashing’ Piñatas!! There was great hilarity heard throughout the school with all the laughter!!

Just look at the incredible Piñatas made by Ms Lynch’s 5th Class…….. so very professional. A pity that they had to be ‘bashed’!!




Here is a selection of Art Work from our Senior Infant and First Classes

Senior Infants Flying High in an Air Balloon!


First Class Taking a Line for a Colourful Walk


And now for Miss Murray’s incredibly funny jokes! ???? ????

What do you call a bear with no teeth??………A Gummy Bear!!

What’s a pirate’s favourite letter??……..Rrrrrrrrr!!

Why do bananas put sunscreen on when they go to the beach???……..Because they might peel!!!!

(If you have any jokes for Miss Murray, please let me know!!)

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes always,


Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)