Wednesday Newsletter January 13th 2021



JANUARY 13TH 2021                                                                                       

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course

Boys and Girls,


Welcome to the very first Wednesday Newsletter of 2021. It is a very strange start to our new year, but we are all living in unprecedented times and everything is not as it used to be! BUT……..we will come through all of this together and be the better for it!

It was really lovely ‘meeting’ everyone via ZOOM on Monday and it was a great chance to ‘meet face to face’ and to chat as well as to hear all about the wonderful toys and surprises Santa Claus had brought to the children for Christmas. I am hoping to have many more such ZOOM meetings in the days and weeks ahead.

As you know from the emails you have received regarding Remote Teaching and Learning, there will be regular daily contact between your child and his/her teacher. This contact will come in a variety of forms: daily check in sessions, instructional videos, SeeSaw interaction, voice connection such as that involved in telling stories and explaining concepts as well as some brief live teaching sessions. It would be wonderful if we could do live teaching via ZOOM, teaching all the lessons as if we were back in school, but alas we do not have the fantastic resources RTE has for its Home School Hub Programme, which is broadcast daily from 10am to 12noon.

Internet connectivity and device accessibility as well as choosing a time to broadcast live teaching sessions that will suit all the children and their parents are real difficulties facing many families…………but………be assured that we will do our very best here in Kilmacanogue National School to provide the children we cherish so much with the very best possible education and support which best suits ALL THE CHILDREN IN OUR CARE.

Thanks so much to all the parents who called to the school today, Wednesday, to collect their child’s box of books. There are only one or two left to be collected…….which is amazing given our large school numbers. Everyone was in great form and good humour and several parents mentioned that they were delighted with the stress-free atmosphere throughout the time from 9am to 1pm. Thanks also for strictly adhering to the HSE and guidelines regarding COVID-19, with everyone wearing a face mask and keeping socially distant. It is no wonder that we have managed so far to keep our gorgeous school COVID-19 virus free. Let’s all keep up the great work in that regard and hopefully we will be back in school before too long………in time for the lovely weather, so the children will be playing outdoors mostly!!

Please keep updated by reading all the emails and information sent to you from the school and be assured that each of us in Kilmacanogue National School is here to support you and make sure that you have no unnecessary stress as a result of Remote Teaching and Learning. Your child’s class teacher will help you specifically so please do keep in touch with him/her.

During the Christmas holidays, the recently laid tarmac area was resurfaced to reduce its slippery surface and to correct any gathering of puddles. Also, the work around the grassy area near the prefab building has, at long last, been completed which means that there will be more grass space area on which the children can play. Happy days!

And now for Miss Murray’s joke!!

What do you give s sick lemon??……..Lemon-aid!!

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Niamh Murray (Principal)