Wednesday Newsletter November 25th 2020



NOVEMBER 25th  2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,   

With just about 4 weeks to go before our Christmas holidays, you can really sense that festive feeling of good will and joy throughout the school. The elves and their friends and family members have been making their appearance throughout the school socially distancing of course and wearing face masks! All the boys and girls have been told to be on full alert. Elf Rudey has been appearing in Junior Infants and the children are trying their best to show him the correct way to behave. Hopefully his name will change from Elf Rudey to Elf Goody!!

The children have been rehearsing for their Christmas Concerts and Plays which of course will be performed in a different form from that of years gone by. Where possible, recordings will be made for you all to see at home! More information to follow in the next week or so!

Parent/Teacher meetings usually take place at the end of January and hopefully they will continue to do so when this pandemic has been sorted out once and for all. However, we are aware that face to face meetings have not been taking place for the moment following HSE and guidelines and with this in mind, the teachers will be sending home a general Progress Report before the Christmas holidays by way of keeping you all updated regarding your child’s general progress to date.

Well done to all the children and classes working on SeeSaw. I must say that I am extremely impressed with Mrs Wolohan’s 2nd Class Pink, who have posted 132 posts on SeeSaw since October 29th !!! WOW!! That is fantastic!

Thanks to Eva Hogan, our wonderfully talented, artistic SNA who has been organising Structured Play Classes in the school Hall. Children who have been working very hard and have done their best in their own individual class, are rewarded by being allowed to participate in fun activities with Eva such as painting, puppet making, rounders, table tennis, chess, mind craft targets, etc. There are only 4 in a group at any one time and the children are really enjoying themselves.

Remember to get the children to wear their coats to school. It is important that they get out to play as much as possible while they are in school and it is getting colder these days.

The first Sunday of Advent will be next Sunday November 29th and the school will have a lovely Advent Wreath with candles lit each week to celebrate this special  time as we prepare for the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of the baby Jesus.



Thank you all for your support in helping to keep the ‘show on the road’, so to speak! These last few months have been very worrying for all of us in different ways, but together we have made it this far and together we can overcome any adversity including COVID-19!!

And now for Miss Murray’s joke!!





What kind of photos do elves take???………….Elfies!!!

Take care and stay safe,


Niamh Murray (Principal)