Wednesday Newsletter October 14th 2020



OCTOBER 14th 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,       

It is hard to believe but we are nearly at our Hallowe’en mid-term break! Where have the last couple of months gone? Let me tell you that all the boys and girls have been working so hard and the Senior classes from 3rd up to 6th have been winning Green Cards for their wonderful work and excellent behaviour. Funday Friday is when the whole school enjoys fun activities especially those classes who have won 5 Green Cards in a week!

I must compliment the young people of 6th Class in particular who are showing great leadership and maturity in the manner in which they are approaching their work in school and in the manner in which they are behaving towards one another. They are all excellent leaders and great examples for the younger children. Well done ladies and gentlemen of 6th Class, take a bow!!

Our picture this week features the wonderful Art of Fourth Class. Check out the great Art work at the end of this Newsletter from the other classes.

Ms Bourke and Mrs McCormack have been doing trojan work with the children throughout the school in showing them how to interact with the Reading Eggs’ and Mathletics’ online programmes using the new Chrome books and headphones which have been purchased by the school for them. Hopefully, every single child will be able to engage with these programmes by themselves and will even be able to teach their parents what to do!!

During the week, the Junior Infants enjoyed showing me how to play the various games designed on the new tarmac area. They even played chasing with me, but they were so fast I couldn’t catch any of them! It is really lovely greeting the children in the mornings as they walk up the school path with their happy, smiling faces. School should be a happy place for the children where they can have fun while learning at the same time. The wonderful teachers in Kilmacanogue National School are so mindful of this and of taking care of the children while doing everything they can do to make their time in school a happy time.

As I said last week, thanks to everyone for helping us to keep Kilmacanogue National School COVID-19 free. We are doing everything in our power to protect all the children with all the social distancing and hand washing and hand sanitizing and keeping to our Pods and Bubbles as best we can.

I know that wearing face masks is very difficult but I would respectfully ask that every adult considers wearing one whenever they walk with their child/children up to the school or collect their child from the school in the afternoon after school or when waiting in the car park especially where there is any congregation of people. Now that we are at Level 3, we have to try to keep the virus out of our community which of course will help ensure that we keep it out of the school.

All will be well and we will prevail together! ????

Thanks to everyone who has paid for their child’s Art/Book rental fees and thanks also to those who have contributed €100 Voluntary Contribution per family. It is hugely appreciated. There will be lots of exciting things happening in Kilmacanogue National School throughout the year with lots of new equipment purchased from IT to Sports’ equipment.

And now to the Kilmacanogue National School Art Gallery for the week of October

12th – 16th with samples of Artwork from various classes displayed for your delight!

Junior Infants Art with Teddy Grá looking at the wonderful witches’ hats






Senior Infants with Autumn Trees and Pumpkins!




Second Class: Mrs Wolohan’s Class Contract with Incy Wincy spider!!



Second Class: Mr Dunne’s Sacred Space Art



Third Class Stone Age



Fourth Class Up in the Air



Fifth Class Fire Bird



Sixth Class Skulls



PS: Miss Denvir’s First Class have a wonderful Art Display for you all to be featured in next week’s Wednesday Newsletter!!!


And now for Miss Murray’s spooky joke!!

What is a witch’s favourite subject in school?………….Spelling!!!!             

Take care and stay safe,



Niamh Murray (Principal)