Wednesday Newsletter October 7th 2020



OCTOBER 7th 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

We are now into our second week of October. The skies are blue but it is beginning to get a little chilly. It’s  great that the children can get out to play during school-time on the various play areas.

Our picture shows us some lovely Art work done by the children in Junior Infants when they were paper cutting hair and pasting coloured paper onto some hedgehogs!!

Congratulations to the boys and girls of 3rd Class who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday in St Mary’s Church, Enniskerry. We had 3 ceremonies to accommodate the children and they were all very special with the children looking so beautiful and handsome and knowing their prayers so well. Thanks to Fr Hyacinth for celebrating the 3 ceremonies and making them so personal for the children.

The morning times can be very busy in the church car park as well as at the going home times. Could I ask all adults to be very careful and to watch out for children who might be crossing in front of cars without realising the danger into which they are putting themselves? Please could children walk behind the white lines, behind the bollards and not out in front of the parked cars. Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.

Remember that the school Admission Policy and the Annual Admission Notice as well as the Application Form are available on the school website Applications for 2021/2022 have started being processed since October 5th and the closing date for receipt of applications will be November 2nd.

Well done to all the children who have been receiving GREEN CARDS for their excellent behaviour and hard work. When a class receives 5 GREEN CARDS in a week, there is a fun activity or prizes for them on Funday Friday!! So, keep up the good work everyone!

Homework has restarted in the classes for the children, but in no way is this designed to put pressure on the parents or children. The teachers have outlined the work they are sending home and will of course keep you all updated. As mentioned last week, school will have the Reading Eggs and Mathletics programmes up and running over the next week or so and then the children will be able to access them from home which will be great.

Also, SeeSaw will be in action again. I think that the teachers have sent out the codes required for this. Again, all of this is designed to help you and your children and not designed in any way to cause stress.

Hopefully the forms with the information about access to IT at home have been returned to the school and then we will be able to help those children who do not have access to equipment or indeed to the internet, by providing them with an alternative way of completing the work sent home by their teachers.

Thanks to everyone for helping us to keep Kilmacanogue National School COVID-19 free. All the children, teachers and staff are doing their utmost to social distance and hand-sanitize. We would encourage everyone to be mindful at all times of HSE guidelines especially now that we are at Level 3.

Several parents have asked about making a voluntary contribution to the school. To be very honest, it would make a huge difference to the overall running of the school given all the extra expenses incurred due to COVID-19.

A suggestion of €100 voluntary contribution per family has been made.

Under no circumstances should any family feel under any pressure to contribute but any contribution at all would be very gratefully appreciated. Thanks to all those who have already made a contribution.

Here are a few more pictures this week taken from 4th Class who did lovely work on Positive Emotion Potions and 5th Class who did wonderful work based on Mary Poppins with the children flying over the roof tops! Well done everyone, you are great.




And now for Miss Murray’s hilarious joke!!

Why do birds fly south for the winter?………Because it is easier than walking!!

Take care and stay safe,


Niamh Murray (Principal)