Wednesday Newsletter October 1st 2020


WEDNESDAY NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 1ST 2020                                                                                              

Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

It is the start of October and it is lovely to see the blue skies and bright days all around us with the lovely colours of Autumn. The mornings are especially spectacular as the children walk calmly up the school path to their classes from 9:10am.

The children have been able to get out to play every day since returning to school which has been a huge bonus. There are several playing areas and the children get to play on each area in a rotational capacity throughout the week which adds to the variety. From now on, it might be a good idea that the children wear their coats to school as the weather begins to get colder and wetter.

Please could the Junior and Senior Infant children be walked to the external entrances to their classroom by their parents or minders rather than being left to walk on their own up the long school path as a few children were a little upset last week thinking that they were lost!

A reminder that the school Admission Policy and the Annual Admission Notice as well as the Application Form are available on the school website Applications for 2021/2022 are being processed from October 5th with the closing date for receipt of applications being November 2nd.

Thanks to Sean O’Connor, a wonderful past parent of Kilmacanogue National School, for sorting out our school website, it is a great help.

Alas and alack, those pesky critters which love clean hair are back in town in Kilmacanogue National School!!! Please check your child’s hair for nits and apply the appropriate shampoo and maintain this over an extended period of time so that we can eradicate these varmints!!

A little reminder about the school’s motto is important every so often which is:

‘If it’s not nice, we don’t do it and if it’s not nice, we don’t say it’. It is very important that we encourage our children to be mindful of what they say to one another and how they treat each other. Kilmacanogue National School does not tolerate any form of inappropriate behaviour or language and will invoke the Code of Behaviour where and when necessary to protect all the children in the school so that each child can feel valued and protected and cared for in an environment which nurtures and respects every single child and adult.

We have the very special First Holy Commmunion Ceremonies taking place this coming Saturday, October 3rd in St Mary’s Church, Enniskerry. These were to be held last May but they will be all the more special for the delay! There will be 3 ceremonies to accommodate the children at 10am, 12 noon and 2pm with each child and his/her parents attending. I am looking forward to these happy occasions.

This week brings another special event, that of the retirement of Mrs Oona Whelan who after many wonderful years of teaching in Kilmacanogue National School will be hanging up her teaching boots, so to speak, as she moves onto the next exciting phase of her life, which no doubt will include lots of music making and cello playing! Mrs Whelan has been an incredible teacher with the wonderful gift of being able to impart a wealth of life-long learning and knowledge to children. She will be hugely missed by everyone here in the school and most especially by her colleagues and friends who have benefitted so much from her support and expertise.

Go n-éirí an bóther leat!

Just a reminder, could the Insurance Forms and Emergency Contact detail forms and IT Home Resource letter forms be returned asap.

The school is hoping to get the Reading Eggs and Mathletics programmes up and running over the next week and then the children will be able to access them from home which will be great.

Here are just a few pictures this week taken from Senior Infants and the 2 Second Classes. Well done everyone, some great artists in Kilmacanogue National School.





And now for Miss Murray’s infamous joke!!

How do you communicate with a fish?…….Drop it a line!!!!                   

Take care and stay safe,


Niamh Murray (Principal)