Wednesday Newsletter September 2nd 2020



Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

It is hard to believe that at last school has reopened and we are nearly all back together again with our friends and colleagues.

We have missed seeing all the wonderful boys and girls of Kilmacanogue National School as well as hearing the sounds of children laughing and playing these past few months…..but all of that is about to change!

Lots of exciting changes have taken place in the school over the past few months. For instance, there is a completely new surface area around the back of the school leading into the yard where the Junior Infant class now is. There is also a soft area upon which the children will enjoy playing lots of games. Very shortly, games and designs will be painted on these new areas.

New doors, which open out onto the resurfaced playing areas, have been installed in the classes which are now 4th and 6th. A fantastic new intercom system has also been installed as well as lots and lots of hand sanitisers and soap dispensers. There is new signage throughout the school with some lovely individual class signs. Thanks to Eva Hogan, our very talented SNA for the beautiful signs throughout the school and for the welcoming signs on the school black gate.

Each class has been configured to accommodate social distancing of 1m between pods (small groups of children) as far as possible and where required by HSE and

This first week has been staggered to help everyone settle back and learn the new rules and regulations in order to make life in school as happy and as safe as possible. Thanks for all your understanding and patience because it isn’t easy trying to arrange work and childcare. So far, Junior and Senior Infants as well as 4th, 5th and 6th classes have returned to school. By Friday, 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes will have returned to school as well.

From next Monday, the usual school opening and closing times will resume for all the classes apart from Junior Infants. HSE and guidelines will be responsible for any changes to this in the future if required for the health and safety of the children during this pandemic.

And so our first Wednesday Newsletter of the new school year has been published and please God it will be the first of many more containing all the fun news and activities going on in our very special school, Kilmacanogue National School.

Take care and stay safe and be happy!


Niamh Murray (Principal)