Wednesday Newsletter June 17th 2020



WE LOVE THE BOYS AND GIRLS OF                               


Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

I hope you are all keeping very well and staying safe and off course washing your hands!! My hands have never been so clean or so soft!!

It looks as though everything is going in the right direction and we will be back together again in the autumn as the wonderful family that is Kilmacanogue National School once the Department of Education gives us the opening of schools’ dates. We can’t wait to see you all and for you to spot any changes in the school!!

Happy Birthday to those boys and girls whose birthdays are around this time.

Happy Birthday to James Ward from 4th Class whose birthday was yesterday.

Happy Birthday to Molly Diggins from 1st Class whose birthday was also yesterday

Happy Birthday to Aimee Merrigan from 1st Class whose birthday will be tomorrow.

Most of the reports have been posted out and I have read each and every one of them. I am very impressed with all the lovely comments made by the teachers. You are GREAT. Well done boys and girls.

Did you enjoy the little Vimeo Videos I sent you? I have a few more to send over the next few days. It is such fun looking back over the photographs and seeing all the great things we did and do and will do in school over the years!!

Have you all been very active during this Sports’ Active Week?? Thanks to Miss Denvir for putting together the Padlet file containing so many fun activities as well as videos from the teachers challenging the boys and girls! Check it out on the school website

Our wonderful 6th Class boys and girls will be ‘graduating’ this coming Tuesday, June 23rd, via ZOOM! But…….this is only a very small part of the celebration and only the start!

Of course things will be different this year but it doesn’t mean that we can’t party when the time is right…….and I want to assure everyone throughout the school community and most especially our 6th class boys and girls that when school re-opens in the autumn, we will have more festivities and a WHOLE SCHOOL PARTY like no other to celebrate your real GRADUATION!!!

Remember to keep in contact via the school’s email address and check out the school website and Twitter and of course keep in contact with your class teacher. We always love hearing from you.


And now for Miss Murray’s joke.


How do we know that the ocean is friendly??……….It waves!!!


Niamh Murray (Principal)