Wednesday Newsletter June 10th 2020




Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

I hope you are all keeping very well. The weather has become a little cooler now, but that’s no harm…….it is only preparing for the really hot summer weather that’s coming our way soon!

Happy Birthday to those boys and girls whose birthdays are around this time.

Happy Birthday to Matthew Brady from 4th Class whose birthday was on Monday

Happy Birthday to Sean Levins from 2nd Class whose birthday was also on Monday

Happy Birthday to Oisin Mahony from 1st Class who also celebrated his birthday on Monday

Happy Birthday to Ethan McCann from 1st Class whose birthday is today.

Happy Birthday to Joseph Tapley from 4th Class who is also celebrating his birthday today

Happy Birthday to Jack Martin from Junior Infants whose birthday will be on Friday

Happy Birthday to Charlotte (Lottie) O’Sullivan from Senior Infants whose birthday will also be on Friday

There is great work going on in the school at the moment with the complete clearing out and deep cleaning thoroughly of all the rooms, big and small, in preparation for when school reopens. We can’t wait to see you, especially all the boys and girls. At the moment, we are awaiting official notification from the government and the Department of Education as to when schools may reopen in the autumn and in what capacity.

Thanks to everyone who has collected their children’s books and for following the strict HSE/ guidelines. We would love to have you all back inside the school or around the outside but we have to adhere to the guidelines and be mindful also of social gathering if it is not allowed at this point in time.

Are you all enjoying the wonderful Friendship and Wellness Week activities sent out by your teachers via Class Dojo and SeeSaw this week? Next week will be very special because there will be loads and loads of fun Sporting Activities for you and a few little surprises as well, so watch out for these!

I have been looking at all the great work being sent back to the teachers by the children. This week I could see that Junior Infants and Senior Infant children were very involved in various exciting scavenger hunts!! First Class with Miss Denvir have been looking at the Solar System as well as some great Friendship and Wellness activities, while Miss Lynch’s class were making friendship bracelets! There was some lovely cooking going on in 2nd Class as well as some detailed map making of the area around Kilmacanogue. 3rd Class had children making Lego towns as well as acknowledging positive affirmations such as ‘I am unique, I am special. 4th Class had the lovely action of checking in on our feelings each day. I saw on 5th Class how a delicious cake featuring an emoji wearing a face mask was made by Aoibhe Nolan (our featured Wednesday Newsletter picture)! I bet it tasted delicious! And our wonderful 6th Class made some fabulous origami dudes as well as mentioning their favourite sayings or seanfhocail.

As we always say with our own school saying: ‘If it’s not nice, we don’t do it and if it’s not nice, we don’t say it!’

Well done everybody, you are great and well done to all our amazing teachers here in Kilmacanogue National School for all their hard work and dedication.

The reports and booklists will be posted this Friday so you should all have them on Monday or Tuesday. If you would like to discuss the content of your child’s report with his/her teacher when you receive it,  please contact the school via the email address and your child’s teacher will be in contact with you and happy to chat to you. The school calendar cannot be finalised yet but when we are given all the information from the Dept of Education and Skills about schools’ reopening, we will send you the calendar for 2020/2021.

Remember to keep in contact via the school’s email address and check out the school website and Twitter and of course keep in contact with your class teacher. We always love hearing from you.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke.

What did one volcano say to the other volcano?………I lava you!!!


Niamh Murray (Principal)