Wednesday Newsletter April 29th 2020




Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

How are you all doing?

As you can see from the picture, this little kitten has been practising his singing!! I wonder whether he sounds a lot like Miss Murray??

I am hearing great things altogether from all the teachers about the wonderful work being done by the children and the lovely pictures and photographs being sent by them.

I have seen on Class Dojo and SeeSaw the great effort they are putting in to doing their projects. Well done everybody. A little schoolwork every day is a good idea because it keeps us all, including myself, our teachers and children, in the habit of doing our school-work and establishing routine especially in these very unusual days.

It is also very important to get out and play and I am very pleased to see on the survey that lots of you are out every day exercising and playing. The results of the survey are attached to the email along with this newsletter. Thank you all so much for having completed it.

Based on its results, I am very conscious that many people do not have access to printers and indeed may have trouble with their internet/broadband.

Please let me know if anyone would like hard copies of the resources being sent out by the teachers to your children. I will arrange to do these for you and will post them to you. Don’t worry, I will be adhering to the HSE and guidelines at all times.

Teachers are sending their resources to the children for the week the weekend before so as to help give parents time to print/download in advance. I hope this helps those of you who are working from home…….although I know you are ALL working from home! Teachers are correcting/giving feedback on work submitted by any children during the week as well as correcting/giving feedback on Friday. That way children have the full week before they have to submit any work.

You will be very glad to know that flashing traffic beacons have been placed at the crossing by the Church leading up the road to the school by Pluck’s Restaurant. This is something we have been looking for, for a long time and will add to the health and safety of all our children when they return to school.

Remember to keep in contact via the school’s email address and of course keep in contact with your class teacher. We love hearing from you.

Also check out the school website and the school Twitter account @kilmacanoguens which are updated with very useful links regularly, especially the Twitter account.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke

What do you call a duck that gets all ‘A’s???……….A wise….quacker!!


Niamh Murray (Principal)