Wednesday Newsletter February 5th 2020



 Dear Parents/Guardians, Boys and Girls,

At last Spring has sprung and the weather is getting a little warmer and the flowers are beginning to grow again, especially the snowdrops. Our assembly on Monday heard about St Brigid from Kildare and her feast day being February 1st and how she had fooled the King of Leinster into giving her lots of land upon which to build her convent when her cloak grew and grew and covered a large area of land!

The children at the junior assembly from the junior classes also enjoyed a wonderful rendition from Mrs Whelan’s Second Class of the song Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. Well done everyone.

At assembly for the senior classes, Ms Kyne’s 6th Class stood up in their various Political Party groups and each gave a Party Political Broadcast outlining their individual manifestos. Fianna Éire had the slogan of, ‘Keep Ireland Together for the Better’ and their manifesto focused on Healthcare. Seasta United’s slogan was, ‘Individually we are Strong, Together we are Invincible’ with their focus also being on Healthcare. The Heather Party had ‘Heather for the Better’ as their slogan with Housing being their focus in their manifesto. Éire in Éineacht had a slogan as Gaeilge with ‘Éire nua ag obair le chéile’ also focusing on Housing. Everyone was incredibly impressed by each of the presentations and wished that they were going up for election this Saturday, because what they had to say as young people was very informative. On Tuesday the rest of the school had to cast their votes at the polling booths which had been set up by 6th class and vote for the Party which had impressed them the most. Well done to Seasta United who were the victors on this occasion! We may well have a future Taoiseach or President in our midst here in Kilmacanogue National School.

Ms Denvir’s First Class had a beautiful morning yesterday with the Grandparents who came to visit. Grandparents’ Day was celebrated by the children by playing a clapping game called Down by the River and making balancing parrots as well as asking their Grandparents lots of questions for their interviews. The children also showed them their Write a Book Project which was all about an adventure with their grandparents. After all of the fun and games, there was tea and coffee and scones and cookies and all sorts of nice treats organised by our wonderful Parents’ Association. It was a truly great morning and a special word of thanks to all our amazing grandparents for coming to celebrate the special day with the children from Ms Denvir’s First Class. We look forward to many more days like this.

Congratulations to 2nd and 4th Classes who sang so beautifully at the Laudate Festival Concert which was held last week in St Pius X Church, Templeogue. The children from Kilmacanogue National School received great praise from all there who heard them sing and witnessed their excellent behaviour. Well done everyone, I am very proud of you as I am of all the great boys and girls in our lovely school.

An announcement from the Green Schools’ Committee: We would like to invite you to enter our poster competition which has to be based on water conservation and our slogan ‘Save Our Water To Survive Because Then You Will Be Alive’. Best of luck from the Green Schools’ Committee.

And now for another of Miss Murray’s hilarious jokes!!

Why did the teddy bear say NO dessert?………Because it was stuffed!!!       

Niamh Murray (Principal)