Wednesday Newsletter January 8th 2020



 Dear Parents/Guardians, Boys and Girls,                                               

Welcome back to school and of course a very happy New Year to each and every one of you. It is hard to believe that it is now 2020. Where are the years going? The new term has started off very well with our Monday assembly, January 6th, during which we spoke about New Year Resolutions and how the past is just that…..the past!! We spoke about how this new year is full of new opportunity for everyone to work together and to do the very best that they can, children and adults alike. Every day is a new beginning and we can look forward to a very positive future and leave behind a negative past.

The children enjoyed learning about the Epiphany and how the 3 Wise Men were enlightened when they met the Baby Jesus and how their eyes were opened recognising that he was the Messiah.

The boys and girls all look great in their uniforms and they all seem to have grown over the last few weeks. Just a gentle reminder no earrings to be worn in school and the wearing of the correct uniform to be encouraged.

The date for the First Holy Communion is May 16th and for Confirmation is March 13th. The dates for the Penitential Rite and Ceremony of Light Ceremonies are yet to be confirmed.

This coming Sunday, January 12th at 10am in St Mochonog’s Church, there will be a preparation Mass for the Confirmation Class.

The Parent/Teacher meetings will take place Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of January. Each teacher will be in contact with his/her class to confirm days and times.

After school activities will commence over the next week or so. Details will be given to the children in each class as well as in the Wednesday Newsletter and on the school website. Make sure to make contact with the organisers of these activities as the school does not organise these. The various activities include: ArtZone 086 8159073: Yoga for Children 087 2822231: Action Arts 087 6869329: Creative Keyboards Individual piano lessons 087 9572024: Mathletics 087 0557694.

Parents/Guardians be vigilant because there have been cases of chicken pox and hand foot and mouth illnesses in the locality. If your child shows any sign of rash or being unwell  please check it out and do not send him/her to school as these illnesses are very contagious. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

And now for the first joke of 2020!!!

Where do cows go for entertainment?………the mooooooovies!!!

Niamh Murray (Principal)