Wednesday Newsletter October 16th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

We are in the middle of a very exciting week with all the children involved in Maths’ Week. Each day the children have been involved in various activities from Maths Puzzles to Maths’ Trails to Maths’ Maze to Maths’ Magic and finishing up with Maths’ Art!! My goodness it has been all go and the week is not over yet! On Tuesday the Mathletics Team arrived in the school and worked with the classes from 1st up to 6th. The feedback from everyone was very positive with the children taking part in sporting activities based around Maths.

Our Monday assembly was also very interesting when a story written by Isobel Bownes was read out to the children about a little boy who told lies to his Mum about his pet lizard called Jet. The moral or message of the story was that lies have a way of coming back to you, so never tell lies. Well done Isobel. I look forward to reading other stories with a message written by more children.

Monday was also a memorable day in that our wonderful school library was officially opened by Elaine Harris along with Mark Driver who built all the shelves and units and Lisa Dempsey, Chairperson of the P/A who along with her great committee and all the parents in Kilmacanogue National School spearheaded this beautiful facility which all the children are enjoying. Our youngest children are especially enjoying the books and the lovely space which is now our school library.

Before the opening ceremony of the library, Elaine treated all the children throughout the school to an amazing, relaxing Yoga session. The calm and peace and restfulness permeated the school for ages afterwards.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, the girls from 3rd and 4th class will be playing in the football blitz in Bray Emmets. Details have been sent home already.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke.

Where does a king keep his armies?…………Up his sleevies!!!


Niamh Murray