Wednesday Newsletter October 9th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians and of course Boys and Girls,

Just look at who came to visit us in school on Tuesday?? A little doggie called Millie felt lonely without her owner Chloe and came looking for her in school! Millie had great fun running around the grass outside and then running through the classes. Poor Siobhan had to wipe Millie’s little paws and Eva had to babysit her! She was such a very well-behaved doggie that I was nearly going to add her name to the school roll book!!

As usual we had a very interesting Monday assembly with the children telling us their news as well as listening to stories with a message or moral in them. The moral of the story told to the Junior children was that when we are kind to others, others are kind to us, while the moral of the story told to the Senior children was that we should never lose heart and we should never listen to negativity or to those who would undermine us and knock our self-esteem, because we have the power within ourselves to succeed.

Thanks to Aidan Forster for bringing his signed Ireland Rugby Jersey to last week’s assembly. Thank goodness Ireland beat Russia in Japan. I think you brought the Irish team good luck Aidan!

Maths’ Week will be celebrated in Kilmacanogue National School from October 12th to October 20th. There are lots of activities planned including the very popular day spent in the company of the Mathletics’ Team which will take place on Tuesday October 15th. I expect to hear lots of addition and subtraction and multiplication and division!!

Thanks to those parents who are letting the office know via email or phone that their children are absent from or late for school. This helps us as a school community to look out for all the children.

Many parents have expressed their concerns at the fact that in the case of a serious incident/accident, the location of the school is not displayed and as a result I have been in contact with various groups including Wicklow County Council about school signage. I know that this has been an issue for several years but I am hoping to sort it out shortly in the best interest of the health and safety of all the children.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke.

What kind of dog likes taking a bath?……A shampoodle!                                  

Niamh Murray (Principal)