Wednesday Newsletter April 3rd 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians,

The boys and girls were all excited on Monday when it was announced that the school would be closed early at 1pm……….until they realised that it was an April Fool’s Day joke!! Even some of the teachers thought that they were going home early! We all had a laugh, but I was caught out by a few very funny tricks played on me by some of the boys and girls!

Congratulations to the boys and girls of 2nd Class who made their First Confession last night, April 2nd. It was a really lovely ceremony and all the children did very well with their singing and reading and prayers. Thanks to Fr Dan for his most enjoyable celebration and interesting demonstration of changing dark, dirty coloured water into lovely, pure drinkable water, illustrating the way in which Confession makes our souls pure and clean again. The children found this very interesting. Thanks to Ms Bourke for her beautiful organ accompaniment and of course, great thanks to Ms O’Gorman for all her hard work throughout the year with the boys and girls of 2nd Class. We now have their First Holy Communion to look forward to on May 18th.

Well done to Ms Denvir and all the boys and girls on the Green School’s Committee. At assembly on Monday morning, we were all treated to an interesting talk as well as a short film outlining the dangers which plastic poses to animals especially to puffer penguins! We really need to look after our world and all the creatures that live on it and share it with us. We are now working towards getting a Blue Flag through our conservation of water. I am sure that your children will be able to tell you all about how we can conserve water at school and at home.

Great examples of Art are to be seen throughout the school including buildings and ring forts depicting the Stone Age created by 5th Class as well as papier mache Art by 4th Class. I was especially impressed by Evan Wylie and his amazing Art work. Well done Evan, you are very talented.

Next week will be our final week before our Easter holidays and on Friday 12th April, we will have an Easter Cake Sale for our school library as well as a ‘Crazy Hair Day’ which is being organised by Isobel Bownes in 4th Class. She’s a great girl and is fundraising for the Gavin Glynn Foundation. I shall give you more information about those events in next week’s Wednesday Newsletter.

And finally, Miss Murray’s joke.

How did the farmer fix his jeans??……With a cabbage patch!!

Niamh Murray (Principal)