Wednesday Newsletter March 20th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope that everyone had a lovely St Patrick’s weekend and perhaps attended some of the parades throughout the county and country. The Kilmacanogue Cubs provided a wonderful breakfast after 10:00am Mass on St Patrick’s Day. There was a great turn-out and all the cubs, led by Margaret Sutton and all her helpers, were wonderful hosts and waiters and waitresses. The food was scrumptious!

Well done to the boys and girls of 6th Class who made their Confirmation last Friday, 15th March on what was a beautiful day. Thanks to their teacher Ms Eibhlin de Bruin for all her hard work and to Celia Flynn and the Pastoral Team for all their guidance. Fr Kieran McDermott and Fr Bernard Kennedy celebrated a very meaningful ceremony and Ms Bourke and Mrs Whelan played the organ and the cello respectively while the boys and girls of 4th and 5th Class sang so beautifully in the choir. It was a pleasure directing the children, they did Kilmacanogue National School proud as did the boys and girls from 6th Class. Thanks to all the parents/guardians who have done so much to help their children reach this special day.

Our next important Religious Ceremony will be the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation as it is also known for 2nd Class which will take place on Tuesday, April 2nd at 7:30pm. First Communion will take place on Saturday 18th May at 10:00am. Both ceremonies will be in St Mochonog’s Church, Kilmacanogue.

Thanks to Lisa Dempsey and all her effort in organising yet another Lidl Poster. We have now finished our second one and the stickers are coming in thick and fast. Do you think that we might complete a third poster??? Could we win €50,000 worth of school equipment?? Why not??

Colm Gaskin has been back again teaching our children all about GAA skills and we are very fortunate to have had him on board. We may not be as lucky in the future because his time is very precious, but whenever we can get Colm to come to the school is a bonus.

Thanks again to all the parents who are letting the school know, either by email or by ringing the office, that their children will be absent or late coming to school by 9:30am. It has made a huge difference to us in the office and to the class teacher.

And finally, Miss Murray’s joke.

What 2 days of the week start with ‘T’??……..Today and Tomorrow!!!


Niamh Murray (Principal)