Wednesday Newsletter January 9th 2019



 Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back and best wishes for a wonderful New Year 2019. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was very good to all the boys and girls of Kilmacanogue National School. Our first assembly of 2019 was very interesting with the children talking about their resolutions for the New Year which included taking more exercise, listening to the teacher, and being kinder to one another.

Our new word this year is: ENCOURAGE. It goes very well with the wonderful motto we have been promoting in our school which is; If it’s not nice, don’t do it and if it’s not nice, don’t say it. We are going to try to encourage each other to do the right thing throughout 2019. We all look forward to a wonderful year full of fun and great times.

The computer course, Whizzkids, is due to start on Friday January 25th for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes. Any outstanding payments need to be paid as soon as possible to ensure places. This course will take place during school hours and should be very exciting and rewarding.

The date for Confirmation has been confirmed as Friday, March 15th with no date set yet for the Ceremony of Light. As soon as we are given a date for this ceremony, we will let you know. This coming Sunday, January 13th, there is a Confirmation Preparation Mass in St Mochonog’s Church, Kilmacanogue, at 10:00am.

The Parent/Teacher meetings will take place Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of January. The school will close at 2:45pm each of those days so as to facilitate the going home of the children and the prompt start of the meetings. Please be on time to collect your children. If it is necessary for young children to accompany their parents to the meetings, it is of the utmost importance that they be supervised by their parents at all times to ensure productive and safe Parent/Teacher meetings. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

The exciting Food Dudes initiative will begin throughout the school starting next week for the Junior Classes. This initiative is designed to enable children to enjoy eating healthy diets, and to create a healthy eating culture within schools extending to the home. There are lovely rewards and incentives to keep the children interested and committed to eating healthy foods. There will be more information about all of this over the next few days and weeks.

The Laudate Concert and the Peace Prom’s Concert are fast approaching with lots of beautiful singing to be heard throughout the school. More information to follow shortly. The children of Kilmacanogue National School certainly have the X – Factor!

And finally, Miss Murray’s joke.   What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?………..A dino-snore!!

Niamh Murray (Principal)