Wednesday Newsletter June 6th 2018



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Well as you can all see, the sun is certainly shining brightly over Kilmacanogue and our school is looking fantastic. Don’t forget about wearing suncream!! The children have enjoyed being outside a lot these days, as well as playing football using our new goal posts and nets which were installed last week.

A number of class tours took place this week. 4th and 5th Classes went to Tibradden Wood, Adventure Park. From a few of the photos I was shown, some boys and girls have great skills climbing trees and swinging off ropes…….all done with great safety of course! They had a fantastic time and all agreed that they would return asap! Today was the day when our little Junior Infant Classes headed off on their very first school tour. It was a lovely sight to see them decked out in all their splendour and colour as they skipped down the school path to their buses waiting to take them to Kia Ora Farm in Gorey. Don’t be surprised if they come back being able to drive a tractor and milk a cow!

This coming Friday, 2nd Class will be going to Lough Dan, Roundwood and 3rd Class will be going to UCD Sports’ Centre. So it is all go here in Kilmacanogue National School! I hope everyone remembers to come back!!

Thanks to John Hopkins and his wonderful team of Kilmacanogue First Responders, Sharon Carey, Ann Marie Hayes, Shannon Hayes and Margaret Redden who came to the school on Tuesday to teach the basic skills of First Aid to our 6th Class boys and girls. It was most informative and very helpful.

The annual Sponsored Walk organised by the Parents’ Association will be taking place on Monday June 11th. The children have been given their cards today, so please look in their bags. If for some reason your child doesn’t have a card please call to the office for one. The funds raised from this event will go towards upgrading the school library and resurfacing the Junior yard. Please could you return the cards to your child’s teacher by Monday June 18th?

Also, on Monday June 18th, Eric Dempsey from Birds’ Ireland, will be visiting the school. This should be a lovely experience for the children.

On Monday June 11th at 6pm, the parents of incoming Junior Infants will be visiting the school with their children. I look forward to meeting them all and showing off our beautiful school to them.

Don’t forget about sending in stamped addressed envelopes to the teacher for your child’s report.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke…What do you call an alligator in a vest?……An investigator!!   Best wishes always,

Niamh Murray  (Principal)