Wednesday Newsletter May 30th 2018


WEDNESDAY NEWSLETTER MAY 30th 2018                     

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It has been another very eventful week in Kilmacanogue National School, with many classes completing their Drumcondra Tests as well as taking part in all the various activities taking place during Activity Week. The children are all so good at their sports’ and so fast in all the races! There have been several events for the track and field taking place for participation in Cumann na mBunscol, Wicklow Sports. Everbody is a winner! Thanks to all the teachers for their hard work and special thanks to Ms Montgomery for organising everything. Poor Miss Murray couldn’t keep up with them at all!

Congratulations to all the boys and girls from 5th Class who took part in the ‘Write a Book’ Competition which was held a number of months ago. Special congratulations to the prize winners: Lainey Farrar who wrote The Missing Mermaid; to Erika McStay who wrote A Dragon Called Toby; to Bobby Free who wrote The Rainforest Adventure and to the overall prize winner Zoe Walshe who wrote A Dog’s Life. Well done to everyone, you are wonderful.

 The school will close on June 1st and June 4th for the Bank Holiday, and don’t forget about your child’s class tour…..please keep in contact with the teacher about this. The annual Sponsored Walk will be taking place on Monday June 11th, on Monday June 18th and Eric Dempsey, from Birds’ Ireland, will be visiting the school. Don’t forget about sending in stamped addressed envelopes to the teacher for your child’s report.

Unfortunately there has been a very severe vomiting bug in the school lately. If your child shows any signs at all of this, please do not send them to school until they are fully recovered because it can be highly contagious and have serious consequences for vulnerable children or adults. Thank you for your understanding.

The weather has been really lovely and it is wonderful seeing all the children outside playing in the verdant, green field which surrounds our school. Sun cream is most important, please make sure to apply it to your children before they come to school. Tracksuits and shorts are especially suitable to be worn during these warm days of May and June.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the parents I have had the pleasure of meeting during the past few weeks. So far I have managed to meet about 60% of all the parents. I hope to meet every one by the time the school closes for the summer! It has been most rewarding listening to all your kind words and great ideas for our wonderful school. I always say that working together on behalf of the children is so important and if anyone is concerned about anything at all, please do come and talk to me. I can only help ease your worries if you let me know.

And now for Miss Murray’s joke…Why couldn’t the pony sing?……Because she was a little hoarse!!     

Best wishes always,

Niamh Murray  (Principal)