Wednesday Newsletter September 27th 2017



Hello Everyone!

Another Wonderful Wednesday Newsletter…….I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! I am delighted to see how well all the boys and girls are settling back to school, especially all our Junior Infants. I am very proud of them, they are all such good workers and are all very well behaved.

The GAA sessions are continuing, and it is clear that there are great sportspeople in Kilmacanogue National School. Exercise is so very important for everyone, and I would encourage lots of walking and playing of sports’ activities especially while we have good weather.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes are enjoying the lovely relaxing time with Ms Broaders each Tuesday in the atmosphere of tranquillity and calmness created by her. It is amazing how many world famous athletes, footballers, golfers, tennis players and GAA sports men and women practise the stillness and inner strength of yoga and mindfulness which are so good for the brain and the body.

Congratulations to Ms McManamon and Mr Hurley for their very detailed and informative presentation of the Junior Infant Curriculum to the parents of our youngest students which took place on the evening of Wednesday 20th in the school hall. Many, many thanks to the large number of parents who attended the meeting. It was lovely meeting and chatting to you all and of course the cup of tea and coffee with the biscuits and cakes provided by the Parents’ Association was greatly appreciated!

I am constantly impressed by the level of work going on in all of the classes and especially the Art work which is being displayed on our lovely new red notice boards throughout the school. Ms Davenport’s First Class boys and girls have done wonderful pointillism pictures featuring trees in autumn while Ms Redmond/Ms Montgomery’s Sixth Class boys and girls have written about and drawn lovely images of animals in autumn especially those about to hibernate. I really commend the high standard of writing in Sixth Class. Ms King’s Senior Infants drew incredible pictures based on the paintings of Van Gogh’s flowers.

The level of concentration and application to work has been very good in all classes especially in Ms de Bruin’s Second Class, Ms Whelan’s Third Class and Ms Denvir’s Fifth Class. Ms Lynch’s Fourth Class girls were so impressive in their studies while the boys were at GAA, that I felt compelled to give them a homework free night! I look forward to giving a homework free night to other classes soon as well as to the boys in Fourth Class!!  BUT……. REWARDS MUST BE EARNED!!!

All the boys and girls are constantly reminded at assembly of our 6 Golden Rules as well as our motto…..If it’s not nice, don’t do it, if it’s not nice, don’t say it.

On a final note, I want everyone to feel that Kilmacanogue National School is a welcoming place with positive support and interaction between parents, children, teachers and Principal. We are like a family working together for the good of all the children. If there is ever anything worrying anyone please come and talk to me, the Principal or any of the teachers…..talking about worries or concerns always makes things better when we all work together. I would suggest that making an appointment through the office to meet a teacher or to meet me, would be more beneficial than on the spot, unexpected meetings before school starts. We all want to give the best time possible to focus on any worry or concern, so making an appointment is the best way to achieve this. Thank you for your understanding of this.

And now, time to sign off………as always be assured of my commitment to all parents, guardians and children of Kilmacanogue National School.

Niamh Murray (Principal)